MOUNTAIN SLICE - Handmade Artisanal Moisturising Soaps: SET OF 2

MOUNTAIN SLICE Artisanal Handmade Natural Soap; SET OF 2

Benefits: Hydrating, anti-inflammatory, stops premature aging and wrinkles, brings natural glow, deep cleaning effect.

Contains: Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Neem Oil, Ricebran Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Lye, Distilled Water, Lakadong Turmeric, Rhassoul Clay, Ylang Ylang Fragrance

Enjoy the sensory experience of a SPA AT HOME every time you indulge in these hand made artisanal natural soap bars.

  • 100* Natural and no chemicals
  • No microplastics – Safe on skin and Earth
  • Proven ingredients to moisturise skin
  • Zero waste packaging

Astu Eco range of Artisanal soaps are made by 'saponification' using water, lye, cold pressed oils and luxurious good fat. All our soap range is good for skin and safe on earth with no micro-plastics or harsh chemicals that can harm our skin or our water bodies and landfills and ecology.

You will have immediate gratification on the exquisite effect of the soaps on your body and senses and a bath room that smells like a spa.

But more importantly, these soaps help with younger looking skin, rejuvenation and moistening effect, supple, blemish free skin meant for all skin types. You will notice the difference by using just one bar of soap.

They make perfect gifts!! Gift luxury, good health, happy earth and guilt free sustainable products. Only from Astu Eco. India's fastest growing sustainable consumer brand