Now, where is that bag I should have carried along?

Conscious of not getting home single-use plastics? But forget to carry a reusable bag?

WORRY NOT!! Astu Eco’s got your back!

With your busy life, you are still conscious of being plastic free, so we thank you profusely for it!! And Astu Eco will support your effort every step of the way in being plastic free; with a perfect solution!


Presenting the world’s first Forget-me-not Bag. So you never forget to take that bag with you. Ever!! Every time you step out of your home.

  • Simple Solution – Comes with a ready-to-stick steel DOOR HOOK and REMINDER dangler TAG
  • Compact and Easy to carry – Comes with an easy CLIP-ON so the bag remains handy and accessible always
  • Sturdy, Lightweight and Earth friendly – Forget-Me-Not Bag material is made of 100% recycled PET bottles!

You are HOOKED!

How does the FORGET-ME-NOT bag work:

The FORGET-ME-NOT bag kit comes with a ready-to-stick super simple steel hook and a reminder dangler. Stick the hook on your

  • Home main door, just below the door handle
  • Wall next to exit door
  • Key peg
  • Car Dash board
  • Garage exit
  • OR any high visibility place that you will see before you step out of the house.

Now you have multiple reminders to carry your FORGET-ME-NOT Bag!

Easy CLIP-ON for handy access

The FORGET-ME-NOT bag can be folded to a compact size and comes with a “clip-on” that you can attach to the things you never step out of your home with – Keys, Purse, wallet, bag, backpack, sling.

And if you have none of these, you can hook to your pant belt loop!



CLINCHER - Bag made of 100% recycled PET bottles!

The FORGET-ME-NOT bag is made of material that is CERTIFIED 100% recycled PET bottles.

Use this to ensure you reduce the amount of plastic water bottles ending up in land fills. Let’s always remember – REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE – REFUSE (Single use plastic)

We have thought it through to give you this perfect solution. Now it’s your turn to spread the word, buy it, use it, gift it and send us feed back on how to make it better for you!

Pick yours now!

Buy 1 for RS. 275/- (MRP – 299) including shipping (Rs.24/- off till March 20th – Holi Discounts) 

Buy set of 2 for Rs. 529/-

  • Makes a superb gift
  • Saves you from buying atleast “one plastic bag”  on your every single outing
  • Compact and light, it’s a perfect travel companion to say no to single use plastic bags!!

Buy 1 for RS. 275/- (MRP – 299) including shipping (Rs.24/- off  till March 20th – Holi Discounts)

Buy set of 2 for Rs. 529/-

Contribute to a plastic free outing. Come, let us make the Earth smile 😊 !