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SEED BOMBS – Set of 5 in reusable potli - Purposeful Journeys

Ideal tree-human ratio :: 7 trees per person

India - Current tree-human ratio :: 1 tree per 28 people

Every time you travel, here is an opportunity to leave your green footprint!! Just drop seed bombs and you may very well have a trail of tree saplings growing!

The Astu Seed Balls are made using recycled paper and safe color embedded with quality seeds of Palash or Flame of the forest, Neem, Jamoon and Babul trees. They grow to good sized trees with life span of 40 to 70 years and perfect for most geographical conditions in India.

Seed bombs ‘thrown’ has a 50% chance of survival. Seed bombs ‘soaked’ and gently planted 1cm below ground, especially during rainy season, has 90% chance of growing to sapling.

With very little effort, Astu Seed Bombs have the potential of turning empty spaces into green havens

Seed Bomb Kit - 5 Seed bombs in a reusable cotton potli