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mittiBappa Ganeshji with Tulsi seeds and a Happy Earth Grow Kit!



Enjoy your festival with mittiBappa knowing you have made a Happy Earth choice. mittiBappa Kit contains a Clay Ganesh with Tulsi seeds in the crown, a coir pot, 4 coco peat discs, additional tulsi seeds.

  1. Post festivities conduct Visarjan at home safely by immersing the mittiBappa in a tub.
  2. Place your cocopeat disks in a dish and pour water.
  3. Mix coco peat and mittiBappa soil, which contains Tulsi seeds (in the crown)
  4. Use this to ready your Coir pot. Add more soil if needed
  5. Level the soil and sow additional tulsi seeds provided and cover with thin layer of soil
  6. In a few days, tulsi seeds will germinate and in 30 days you will have small saplings (may vary depending care)
  7. Keep the soil moist not drenched, DO NOT OVER WATER. Cocopeat has water retention capacity.
  8. You can choose to shift the plants into your garden or larger pot, by just put the entire biodegradable pot into the soil
  9. Enjoy the green blessings of mittiBappa Tulsi at your home.