Tote to Scarf in a Jiffy! 

August 14, 2021

Tote Scarf showcased in Lakme Fashion ween Circular Design Challenge as top 6 finalists is designed for people not to forget to carry a reusable bag and refuse a plastic bag in style anytime anywhere

Astu Eco’s new product, the tote scarf has seen raving reviews on Lakme Fashion Week, but it’s more than that. It’s a part of our promise to reduce the world’s plastic footprint, one tote-scarf at a time! 

Here’s more from Anitha Shankar, the visionary and co-founder of Astu Eco. 

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How was the Tote Scarf born?

The ToteScarf is really an answer to the genuine predicament of people forgetting to carry a reusable bag. It is an iterative product design, based on consumer interaction over a period of 2 years. 

One of the first products to roll out was the Veggie to Fridgie bags which helped consumers shop vegetables with zero plastic. Phenomenal product people love it. But people FORGOT to carry the bag. So we rolled out the Forget-Me-Not bags which had a physical reminder system in it. But people still forgot. Our research showed that 40% of the time people forget to carry a reusable bag. 

So next came the eco-wearables – which means if it’s on you as a person, there is less chance of you forgetting to use it. The Tote Scarf is from this range. It’s a Scarf that turns to a Tote when you need it most. Genius  in its simplicity, with circular design at its core. 

  • Each ToteScarf is fashioned out of 2.2 PET bottles,
  • And by 2030, ToteScarf aims to recycle 97 million PET bottles and stop 2.2 billion plastic bags from entering our oceans. 
  • It's a very durable sturdy product. 
  • We adopt a zero-waste production cycle. 
  • As Extended Producers Responsibility, we take back used tote scarfs and give u a discount on next purchase. 
  • We also work with and train micro entrepreneurs in circular production.
  • 100% sustainable from product to packaging. Not even a cellophane tape. 

More importantly, here is an innovative range of truly circular products that easily integrates into the existing supply chain. The tremendous adaptability of this raw material makes it a scalable replicable model with a wide range of innovative application

We are surprised too. Imagine the humble Tote Scarf, a square piece of cloth, being toted by supermodels on the ramps of Lakme Fashion Week, alongside colorful ranges of entire head-to-toe attire.  It was a memorable exposure. It is testament to the fact that India is adapting and leading its outlook on a sustainable and circular economy. 

Sustainability is no more a fad, it is being driven top-down strategically from large organizations globally and in India. The Circular Design Challenge seeks to identify and provide a platform to innovative products in the Circular Fashion Design arena and invites applications all across India. And the Tote Scarf made it to the finals with its own ramp walk from 6 professional supermodels. 

It was a magical journey unfolding right in front of me, who is a complete alien to the world of high-fashion. The team of judges felt that Tote Scarf was a story to tell and share in the circular design economy. To us, it's an iconic start to making a dent on the three large global challenges of Single use bags, PET bottle and people forgetting to carry a reusable bag.  

Awards and Accolades the Star Product has Bagged:

We launched in March 2021. And found ourselves in Lakme Fashion Week as finalists at the end of March 2021. 

The Tote Scarf prototype has always received applause wherever we showcased them. One of the most memorable being, a talk in the National Geographic HQ, Washington DC,  where I spoke about Astu Eco, what we do and our range of sustainable products.

The prototype of Tote Scarf received thunderous applause for its ingenuity, concept and impact. As a nature lover and adventurer myself,  I have always been a big fan of National Geographic. And my first job application after grads was to National Geographic. So it was a full circle to be there and felicitated for the work I now do. 

Anitha’s Quote of Inspiration..

‘You think me the child of circumstance; I make my circumstance’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What would Astu Eco & You NEVER compromise upon?

Quality products. If you are not happy with Astu Eco products, we take it back and refund you, no questions asked.

There you have it! It goes from tote to scarf in seconds and comes in the most beautiful designs- one for every mood! A scarf that gives mother earth a hug and you at the same time! A tote that carries the weight of your veggies and lessens the burden of another plastic footprint! Get yours now!