16 Easy TIPS for Sustainable Living!

August 29, 2021

16 Easy TIPS for Sustainable Living!

Being busy is great, but no one should be too busy to stop thinking of the impact our actions are having on the environment. It’s about deciding to be CONSCIOUS in your everyday choices. Everyday. And being committed to being more earth friendly. Everyday

It may seem so easy to say ‘just this time’ and pick up a single-use plastic. We understand those moments. And we are committed to helping you move towards guilt-free, everyday, sustainable choices. Our small yet impactful range of products can make a big impact on your personal carbon footprint and positive impact on the environment. And we are with you every step of the way to help you make those choices.

Every single minute, millions of pieces of single use plastic get made and discarded. And everyone of us can make a huge collective impact. Here are some simple things each of us can do in our day to day life. For more such tips visit Astu Eco Beat on YouTube!

  • Online shopping – In your comments section during order placement, write ‘no-plastic packing’. You don’t need a T-shirt in copious amounts of plastic packaging. Visit our ZERO Plastic Shop for sustainable and sturdy alternatives to plastic.  
  • Refuse anything that cannot be reused – straws, cutlery, disposable cups are a big no-no. Carry your own or request for reusable cutlery.
  • Please request for RO filtered water in a glass instead of bottled water. It is the same concept of filtered water in our homes. Why drink anything else outside, as long as you can ascertain it is RO filtered or equivalent. And when stepping out, carry your own reusable water bottle.
  • Parties, events, marriages need to go green. Use reusable tableware. Do not make the citizens pay an expensive price because you want an inexpensive, trouble-free disposable event. Use the Astu Eco Party Pack instead!  
  • Try taking loose groceries. Demand clean and neat groceries. Remember, we had corner stores for years, which sold us open non-plastic, wrapped groceries in open gunny bags. If customers continuously demand sustainable options, businesses will heed. Help them also go plastic-free.
  • When ordering takeaways, request sustainable boxes and minimal use of plastics. Reward restaurants who give takeaways by supporting them with your orders. Write about them, applaud them because it is not an easy business choice. It is a moral and a responsible choice way above business choice. They need to be recognised
  • Say no to plastic festive decors, utensils, giveaways, and bags. Use simple but sustainable alternatives like cloth, steel, cotton, paper, etc. You can do without the balloons either.
  • Create awareness with your flower vendor and refuse their services if it comes in plastic bags. Just hand a cloth bag outside your door so they can slip the flowers into it
  • Segregate your garbage into three bins. Make it easy for the pourakarmikas to channelise the waste management process more effectively
  • Make rules in your apartments and communities for no-plastic usage and good waste management practices
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle everywhere possible.
  • Remember our mothers and grandmothers used to collect all milk packets and covers and give it to the raddiwala. Restart that. Segregate, educate
  • Refuse that plastic knife when you order a birthday cake. Say no to the plastic spoons that come with your ice-cream.
  • Most importantly, keep multiple small reusable carry bags with you - in your handbags, purses, office bags, cars, and bikes. Say no to the plastic carry bags. Who knows, this very action of yours would save a cow from choking on the garbage it eats. Our Forget Me Not Bags are great companions, they’ll have you ‘hooked’ for sure! 
  • Keep a clean set of tumblers, spoons, and plates in your cars while travelling. Next time you stop for that coffee break or pav-bhaji, idli-vada, you can proudly go no-plastic.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle everywhere. Check out the Hip Hydra which helps you carry your reusable water bottle hands free and conveniently.

Easy simple tips to integrate sustainable living into your everyday life! If you want us to keep you on a gentle nudge, write to us here, so we can share tips and guilt free gentle reminders to help you in your journey. Together we can.

Come let us make a Happy Earth.